The Uprising

Checklist for Novare Res Bier Caféfor iPhone

Unofficial checklist for “The Uprising”

Members of “The Uprising” can use the app to keep track of their progress (with stats like percentage complete and estimated finish date), figure out what to order next (highlighting beers from the list that are currently on draft) and find out more about beers on their list and those currently on draft.

Wait, who is this for?

“The Uprising” is an epic sort of mug club at Novare Res Bier Café that you can join by working your way through a formidable checklist of 230 beers from a wide range of styles and regions.

It’s a daunting challenge, but completing the list earns you a key to the chalice room, a coveted custom-engraved chalice (that gets you 20% larger draft pours), and an annual invite to the notorious Chalice Party.

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The Uprising app was designed by Justin Velgos and coded by Jeff Jackson

Privacy Policy

The Uprising app does not collect any data other than your list progress and start date. That data is not stored anywhere other than your device.