Shared lists for trips and recommendations

Case Study

While designing Spotlist, I realized that a unique transition between the home and list screens could simplify the interface while providing users with a better sense of place in the app.

Storyboarding the scroll interaction

Each list is represented on the home screen by it's name and map thumbnail. Since those same elements also appear at the top of the list screen it occurred to me that animating the size and positions of those elements might feel more natural than the standard push animation typically used between distinctively different screens.

By tying the animation to the scroll gesture instead of a button, I was also able to free up valuable space in the interface while simultaneously adding some playful character to the app.

I could do this all day…

While building the prototype, I also discovered that the Settings and Add Place buttons on the list screen could remain through the transition and be re-purposed as App Settings and Add List on the home screen - a delightfully happy accident.