Clean Air

Air pollution awareness View Clean Air or airAlert

Case Study

I'm always interested in expanding my expertise and one of my favorite means of doing that is exchanging my design services for development time with friends and colleagues on small projects. I can't imagine a better deal than designing new and interesting projects for others in exchange for the engineering resources to bring my own ideas to life.

Two related apps I designed for others were Clean Air and airAlert, both focused on air pollution awareness in London.

Sketches for the airAlert app

One of the biggest challenges with apps like these is finding the right balance between the uplifting goals and image of the organizations with the alarming data they want to raise awareness around.

Clean Air (left) promoted by London Taxi (center) and airAlert (right)

I love designing both the silly and the serious, but it's undeniably satisfying to work on projects that make people healthier and happier.